SCMP application Portal

Applications for SCMP Fall 2019 are now closed. Please join our mailing list to receive updates in the future regarding SCMP Fall 2020. Below is an example of our previous application date schedule.

Round 1 applications will open on July 15th and close on August 2nd 11:59pm PT.

Round 2 applications will open on August 16th and close on August 30th 11:59pm PT.

We will be hosting Round 2 of applications in late August targeted at MBA students. We encourage you to apply earlier if you are not an MBA students as spaces will be limited in Round 2.

To apply, students will need to submit:

  • 1 - page Resume

  • Unofficial Academic Transcript (UBC or most recent academic institution)

  • Cumulative GPA and/or GMAT*, GRE*, LSAT*

  • Video Response (3-min max) - click here for more instructions

* If available

Program Eligibility

The main focus of our Fall 2019 program will be to prepare candidates for summer internship opportunities in Summer 2020 with our partner firms.


To be eligible for our Fall 2019 program, candidates must be:

  1. A UBC student for Fall 2019 from any faculty or degree

  2. Able to participate in a summer internship for Summer 2020

  3. A UBC student for Fall 2020 (unless your program is 1 year long, e.g. MM, MBAn, MHLP)

Additional resources and mentorship may be provided to our successful graduates who later wish to apply for full-time opportunities.

Exceptional candidates who do not meet our eligible criteria (e.g. students already in their final year) may be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  Note that we’ve historically accepted very few students in this category as our partner firms:

  1. are increasingly focusing on their summer internship programs as the main funnels for their full-time hiring

  2. bucket recent graduates along with the more competitive “experienced hires” stream rather than “on-campus recruiting”

Selection Criteria

In order for SCMP to guarantee 1st round interviews for our successful graduates, our baseline admissions criteria mirror that of our partner firms.  Applicants will be assessed in four main areas:


  • Academics

    • It is preferred that candidates have an overall average of above 80%, with strong performance in quantitative courses, however this is NOT a hard cut-off. MBA applicants are also required to have written the GMAT, with a desired score of greater than 700, and no candidate is considered with a score below 680.

  • Professional experiences

    • Leadership, teamwork, analytical abilities, performance under pressure, conflict management...these are among the essential attributes that need to be demonstrated through your previous professional experiences.

  • Leadership / Impact (community involvement)

    • Individuals at consulting firms are deeply committed to working to improve their communities. Being involved in a club or an organization is one thing, but going above and beyond the job description to make a significant impact truly showcases what it means to be a leader.

  • Life experience

    • Developing the best solution for a client requires a diversity of perspective. What is it about you that is different or unique? Most firms have sports stars (e.g. Olympic athletes), authors, PhDs in weird subjects, or something else. What unique perspective can you contribute?


SCMP does not have a set quota or target for the size of our cohort.  We set a very high bar that’s reflective of this very competitive industry, and we will provide mentorship to any students that meet this bar.  Historically, we’ve admitted 30-40 candidates each year.

Analyst vs Associate

The key distinction between Analyst and Associates in consulting is the education level of students that which are applying to consulting firms.

Undergraduates students and most Masters students will apply as an Analsyt.

MBA, PhDs, JDs and other such advanced degrees will apply as an Associate.