what is strategy consulting?

Strategy consulting is a career focused on solving the most pressing, and challenging problems facing public and private organizations. The average day differs from engagement to engagement, but most often requires strategy consultants to work in teams to help coach the client through the problem. Early on in a strategy consultant’s career much of the work will be focused on performing analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) on a specific piece of the engagement. As alluded to earlier, these engagements can vary greatly in type of client and geography. As such, you may work on multiple clients, in a myriad of industries, across different geographies, all in one year.


The Work: Strategy consulting firms offer an opportunity to work on the most pressing problems typically for Fortune 500 firms, private equity funds, non-profits, and governments.

The People: Consistently the top choice of employment for world-class students, the people on your team will have been chosen by inspirational and incredible mentors.

The Career Trajectory: Strategy consulting firms are known to be great training grounds and many prestigious organizations are known to recruit exclusively from top consultancies.

The Compensation: Aside from perks, retreats, getaways, and graduate tuition support, most firms start undergraduate total compensation at $85k - $110k and graduate compensation at $110k - $250k (including performance pay, pension, bonus etc.).