Fall SCMP Program

How has the program changed?

SCMP is shifting from a program that primarily prepares candidates for interviews for full-time positions to a program that primarily prepares candidates for interviews for internship positions. This means creating a Fall SCMP program (vs. a Summer SCMP Program) where successful students interview for internship positions in December and January for internship positions in the following May.  


Why are we creating a new program?

SCMP’s most significant partner consulting firms are beginning to focus on internship hires as an increasing share of their on-campus recruitment. This means that fewer roles are being hired during full-time recruitment in favour of early internship recruitment. In order to stay relevant and give UBC students the best opportunity to pursue consulting careers, SCMP is shifting to an intern focused model. 


Will THERE BE a Summer 2019 program for full-time applicants?

SCMP will no longer be running a Summer Program and will be focusing efforts entirely on the newly transitioned Fall Program.



How is the Fall program different from the summer program?

SCMP holds a high standard in passing successful candidates onto firms for first round interviews. This will not change. However, we understand that during the school year, students may have more unstructured commitments compared to the summer and this affects the ability of students to fully commit to the program. As a result, we have conducted a comprehensive program review to streamline and redesign our content for the Fall program. The structure of the program will not change but we have shortened our weekends to accommodate an academic schedule. The program will remain rigorous and we will cover the same content but through various support models instead of classroom time. We recommend that students who participate in the SCMP program reduce their simultaneous commitments. To be successful, we recommend that students have a minimum of 15-20 hours a week to dedicate to the program. In our experience, students who do not come from a business background will require additional effort on top of this expectation to succeed.