The SCMP is a unique program, unlike any other in the world. Through a well-developed network and through a system of well-founded relationships in the Strategy Consulting industry, the SCMP boasts a history of incredible achievements.  The statistics provided below are in no way a guarantee of expected results. Considering that McKinsey, Bain & Co, and the Boston Consulting Group are all ranked within the top 5 hardest interviews, prospective SCMP applicants really need to understand how difficult it is to enter this industry.


Every year in Canada, there are countless MBAs applying to the major firms.  These students are all best of the best and come from schools with powerful legacies, like Ivey, Queens, Rotman, Wharton, Harvard and Kellogg.  Based on the real-world experiences of SCMP alumni consultants, a conservative estimate has any of the major firms receiving roughly 2,000 applications every year.  Let's put that number aside for now:

From here, roughly 75% of the applications never make it past the first cut which sees the successful applicants progress to the testing round.  So we're down to 500.

History has shown that around the top 15% move on from the testing round, so that leaves 75 applicants moving on to first round interviews.

Next, around 2/3 of candidates are cut after first rounds, so we're left with 25 applicants who will see second round interviews.

Finally, roughly a third of these applicants will receive offers.  That means 8 applicants win this tournament and get to embark on a career they could have only dreamed of.

Comparing this figure back to the original 2,000 applications, the statistical success rate is 0.4%.  Better than lotto 6/49, but still...0.4%.