Candidate evaluation

The applicants to the SCMP are assessed on four main criteria:

  • Academics
    • It is preferred that candidates have an overall average of above 80%, with strong performance in quantitative courses, however this is NOT a hard cut-off. MBA applicants are also required to have written the GMAT, with a desired score of greater than 700, and no candidate is considered with a score below 650.
  • Professional experiences
    • Leadership, teamwork, analytical abilities, performance under pressure, conflict management...these are among the essential attributes that need to be demonstrated through your previous professional experiences. 
  • Leadership / Impact (community involvement)
    • Individuals at consulting firms are deeply committed to working to improve their communities. Being involved in a club or an organization is one thing, but going above and beyond the job description to make a significant impact truly showcases what it means to be a leader. 
  • Life experience
    • Developing the best solution for a client requires a diversity of perspective.  What is it about you that is different or unique?  Most firms have sports stars (e.g. Olympic athletes), authors, PhDs in weird subjects, or something else.  What unique perspective can you contribute?


Students are required to pay a non-refundable program participation fee of $1500, which mostly covers the cost of flying alums, many of whom are currently working at the top firms, to Vancouver to teach the weekend workshops and mock interviews.  SCMP is operated as a non-profit organization and any excess money that remains is donated to the Sauder School of Business.

This fee may be waived for students who currently qualify for and receive UBC Bursary or financial aid.

Participants who pass the mock interview will be responsible for personal travel and accommodation expenses associated with the interviews in Toronto. In the past, the CUS has subsidized the fee for undergrads by $100 - $450 depending on the student’s success.  From 2012 onwards, the Business Career Centre has supported some successful SCMP graduates with a $250 to $500 subsidy to assist with their travel costs for the trip to Toronto. You should confirm eligibility of these subsidies with CUS or BCC if it is important. 

Successful applicants are expected to familiarize themselves with the industry, and case interviews prior to attending the first lecture (see the Important Dates page for lecture schedule).  Once the program begins, students are required to attend each of the lectures and bootcamps.