about the scmp?

The UBC Strategy Consulting Mentorship Program was founded in 2007 with the purpose of providing an opportunity for UBC undergraduate and graduate students to best prepare for and interview with the top global strategy consulting firms.  The SCMP is unique to UBC and it is a solid opportunity for anyone interested in consulting or working in strategic management functions.


What is the structure of the program?

SCMP is an intensive 3-4 month mentorship program that aims to prepare candidates for consulting interviews and life at the firm. This includes multiple lectures, boot camps, resume reviews, and other coaching. SCMP requires a great deal of effort on the part of each participant and success in the program could lead to interviews with six or more of the top consultancies in the world.


How is SCMP different From other programs?

SCMP is fundamentally different than the other consulting clubs, programs and prep programs available at UBC and online for three core reasons. Unlike other programs, SCMP provides you direct access to top consulting firms. Due to our partnerships, all successful SCMP candidates have first round interviews with a majority of the top consulting firms. In addition, SCMP is solely run by alumni who all are current or past consultants. This provides a unique and insider’s view into the consulting interviewing process. Lastly, SCMP is committed to the success of its candidates. We are the only program in BC to provide a term long extensive mentorship and training program for our candidates.