1. What is required to apply to the SCMP?

Resume, screenshot of grades from the SSC, or an unofficial transcript.

2. Is there a preferred resume format?

There is no standard resume format. Please keep the resume one page in length. 

3. I'm planning to go on exchange or I have a plans during the summer that will cause me to miss a lecture or two, can I still partiticpate in SCMP?

There must be some give-and-take in the MBA/BCom/MM programs. Academics, friends, family, significant others, work, exchange, internships, career planning…these are all competing forces and you can try to go for it all, but history has shown that it cannot be done. There are people every year who try to make it all work and they don't make it through. Every year, we tell the same story, and every year, people think they can do it. They all end up either failing the mock or failing the interviews in Toronto. The people who land jobs are the ones who make SCMP their priority and make sacrifices to other elements of their life. 

Similar to other higher-level educational programs, the SCMP is put together in a way where the onus is on the student to succeed. For example, we will allow your continued participation even after missing 2 weeks and 2 teaching weekends, but this will dramatically reduce your interview skills and ability to perform during the mock. To be clear, the lectures and bootcamps are a critical component of the SCMP and every effort needs to be made to be present. 

Your decision about summer plans will definitely affect your development and it could very well jeopardize your performance in the mock interview. There are things you can do to try to mitigate this risk, but as mentioned before, many other extremely talented people have tried and failed.

4. I heard about the SCMP and it weighs heavily in my decision to apply to UBC. Is there a way for me to secure acceptance into the SCMP before I apply to the Sauder School of Business?

Admittance into SCMP depends on many factors including some related to you, and some related to the calibre of other applicants in that given year. Even if your file appears attractive, it will be compared with the applications we receive during the year of SCMP admittance, so no guarantees or even probabilities around admittance can be made. Without a doubt, the SCMP is a very useful tool in pursuing a career in consulting, but it is a tough field to get in to. Although we cannot assure your acceptance into the SCMP in advance of the regular application process that runs in the Spring, what we can do is provide you a set of recommendations on how you can strengthen your candidacy, both for SCMP and for landing a job in strategy consulting. 

5. I am graduating before the program begins. Can I still participate?

Unfortunately the SCMP is only for students current enrolled at UBC. 

6. I am not pursuing a Commerce or MBA degree. Can I still apply to SCMP?

Yes. The SCMP is open to all UBC students. If you are pursuing an advanced degree (e.g., Masters, PhD) then you will apply to the MBA stream. If you have specific questions about your application please send us an email, ideally 2 weeks in advance of this year's deadline.